Sunday, May 22, 2011

Motifs and Bookmarks

Nancy is using a design from Mary Konior's Tatting in Lace and working in size 80 thread.

Fox was in the Big Apple and since she hadn't packed enough supplies, she just HAD to go shopping for more and found an amazing selection of DMC Perle, which she'd rather not use, but they didn't have any of the size 30 Cebelia she was looking for. Of course she also managed to pick up some shuttles. She worked a little on Mary Konior's Lupins and a pattern from Angelina's book tatted in some of Tatskool's HDT that was left over from another pattern.

Gina is in the process of tatting the cat bookmark from Dianna Steven's book, A Tatted Zoo, in some size 40 thread I got from Tatskool called Flame Lantana.

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