Monday, May 02, 2011

Motif, Star, Snowflake and Bookmarks

Tattabugg tatted this motif from The DMC Book Of Charted Tatting Designs in Lizbeth Summer Fun and size 80.
Julie saw this motif from Tatting Patterns and Designs by Gun Blomqvist, Elwy Persson on another blog and had to get the book and try it for herself. It's a good book with an interesting variety of projects in it including a lot of individual motifs. She did it in Lizbeth size 20, Springtime and she thinks she may do it again with 6 sides.

Sharon shows us the Onion ring snowflake that was taught by Kaye Judt at ZigZag Corner last fall. She has been tatting, but it's those silly little finishing bits like hiding ends that seems to take so much more time than TATTING. We all feel your pain.

Tatteristic was looking for a quick bookmark pattern and settled on this one that was originally a braid pattern in the Anna Burda magazine. Jane in South Africa updated it by using split rings and the revised pattern was posted by Jane Eborall. All of these were done in size 20 thread.

Brigitte tatted this cross from Tatted Bookmarks Needle & Shuttle edited by Barbara Foster in Lizbeth Size 20 Springtime to give to her firend as a hostess gift.

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