Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bookmark, Edging, Earrings, and Heart

Anika picked up some size 80 tatting thread from Michaels and had to try something with it. She used a modified edging pattern to make a bookmark.

Jessica finished the belt she has been working on in time to wear it to a wedding. Here's the first side pictured with a ruler for scale. This belt has a shorter tatting section that the first belt because she liked the effect of the ribbons on it.

Orsi has finished the costumes and decided to make a very simple edging on the dress, by double thread, one is red and the other is golden.

Isabel has admired these earrings by Iris Niebach for a long time and she finally got to make them.

Kat finally found a shirt to match the tatted heart for the wee one, but sadly no one noticed it when she wore it. Let's hope they pay more attention when she wears it again.

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