Sunday, May 01, 2011

Letter, Butterflies, Doily, Heart and Motif

Gwen picked up some supplies at the Atlanta IOLI Lace Day including Tatting A B C's &1 2 3's by Houstine Cooper. Her first project was a tatted S framed with a butterfly as a gift for her friend Stephanie. She thought she might jump on the bandwagon and tat a 9 row doily because it wouldn't really take very long to do. Of course that was before she made a mistake on row 3 and had to start again.

Fox tatted another of Elisadusud's cluny patterns using Tatskool's Sweet Shop Forget-Me Not size 60 that felt like size 100 and a variegated Valdani thread. She has done the fourth Finnish motif in a variegated thread Altin Basik #50 that she matched up with a purple Altin Basak she had in her stash and again the beads have scrunched the picots.

Gina has assembled the pieces she showed us earlier and the result is Olivia, from Tatted Butterflies by Adelheid Dangela.The body is made up of some thread she dyed last year, the yellow is Flora size 50 and the purple is a combination of a variegated glace thread and a solid purple. SO there are 3 different thread sizes used, but the final effect is gorgeous.

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Barbara Gordon said...

I absolutely love this butterfly!!! Is the pattern yours or is it out there somewhere...??