Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bracelet, Edging, Motifs, Heart and Bookmarks

Prabhjyotsaini started to make a split ring bag but the design she chose was too much work so she altered the pattern and created a bracelet.

Orsi has designed another edging pattern but can't decide what thread to use for it.

IsDihara nearly finished her motif that looks like a field of daisies, but ran out of thread on the last chain of the last repeat and it's cupping ever so slightly. She's decided that if it doesn't block flat, that she'll go with a 3D design, like maybe a teapot.

Diane tried Cottage Border from A Pattern Book of Tatting by Mary Konior in pink made in Fincrochet No. 30. She`s not sure it`s the right pink but she likes the pattern.

Fox has been trying out one of the patterns from the Tatter`s Treasure Chest, but it`s driving her nuts. Misha has been attached to a pink shirt for the "Boss", who loves it. Some more little goodies were made to send to New York including a white edging that she added a pink crystal and a white bead to so that it hangs like a heart shape around the collar of the dress. She was sent a pink hanky with a matching thread, but she has decided to do the edging in white with tiny green delica beads.

Kat is participating in a bookmark exchange at the Tatting Forum and this is the bookmark she received from Bonnie.

Katherinne tatted these little stitch markers to use with her knitting.

Mary tatted the cross from Monica Hahn`s Christmas Angels and Other Tatting Patterns in Medium Purple and White. She loves making the Black Magic design by Mary Konior and working it up as a bookmark like this one done in soft spring colors. Another bookmark she had to try is the Lace Bookmark by Emsyjane also done in soft spring colors and that finishes her first 25. She doesn`t remember where she saw this edging, which is similar to Curds and Whey by Mary Konior but not quite the same and she had to try it as a bookmark in a pretty pastel aqua to start her next 25.

Wanda sat down and tried drawing an idea she had and little by little things are getting easier. Now some of the things she learned in the Design-Tat class are suddenly becoming clear. Here is a mini bookmark done as a sample to see how well she could tat the drawing she made.


Fox said...

I did not name the T-shirt motif in that post.
Thank you so much for remembering 'Misha.' I am truly touched.

A.G. said...

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