Friday, August 27, 2010

Doily, Dragon, Edging, Flowers, Motifs, Ornaments, Snowflakes, Necklaces and Earrings

Petite has now had 2 tatting sessions and it looks like lots of tatting has been going on.
Kkommy finished Jon's Pirrouette from the Snowflake Collection in Caribbean for the centre and Turquoise Lt #662 for the outer round. She did Mary Konior's Spinning Wheel glass mat in April and she's doing it again to see how her tatting has improved, but here's where the shuttle ran out of thread.

Ingrid tatted this pendant with black Pia crotchet cotton. It's one motif from a pattern called Tischlein deck'dich by Marianne Langwieser/Tatiana Scharowa found in the book Occhi-Schiffchenspitze-Frivolite. The centre finding is from the Tourmalijn in Werkendam and the finished piece is quite large, being 12 cm in diameter.
BSOTF has completed her round ring motif and now I can clearly see the it's a pendant and earring set meant to be worn to a tractor pull. Silly me, I thought the tractor was going to wear it. What a cute set in lovely fall colours that remind me of hay bales, corn stalks and pumpkins.
Mickchick tatted Yarnplayer's Vision necklace which she modified a bit. It didn't come out quite as smooth as she would like so she's going to try again with different beads and needle sizes to see what works for her.

Isabel and the Spanish speaking group are going through one of the public domain publications, tatting the designs and bringing them up to date. This one was particularly difficult because even after it had been translated, it didn't seem to work, as there appears to be a discrepancy between the written pattern and the picture. Fox's finished hat looks smashing and thanks to a self threading needle she was able to sew the tatting on with yarn so that it looks like it was professionally done. The next one for the littlest grand is almost finished too, but she's tired of pink so she's thinking of this turquoise and lime motif with some edging at the bottom in lime or turquoise and white beads. Sounds like a winner to me. Vicki Clarke's BandAid Heart is for a friend with a leg in a cast.
Marty's Dad's high school mascot was a dragon and the school colours were harvest orange and black so she tatted Anne Bruvold's dragon in Lizbeth size 40 to go on his cap. The fair judges liked it well enough to give it a first place ribbon. The ornament made from a modified Ice Crystal design from Blomqvist and Persson's Tatting Patterns and Designs also won a first prize.

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