Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Animals, Bookmarks, Snowflakes, Motifs, Necklaces, Earrings and Doily

Kkommy started Jon's "Magic Moment Snowflake" in Lizbeth Caribbean #122 size 20 and was so enthralled with it she already has it finished.
Lily decided to try the Spinning Wheel Glass Mat over again, but with the needle in a solid colour. Tattips created these earrings called "Victoria" and modified them by adding lots of gold beads and a few minor changes. The pendant set was tatted in aqua green with green and metallic beads, shown with both a chain and a tatted cord.
Agasunset started some random tatting while on vacation and the end result was a bracelet.
Bev tatted Karey Solomon's Hello Bear" from Make Many Merrily Valdani, in a reddish-brown colour. She made some adaptations to suit her needs and added it to a card for her cousin.
Diane shows the new Chris Hinton's Winder Shuttles which were used to tat these bookmarks. You can join the Tatting Forums for your chance to win one of these new shuttles.
Fox finished Jon's "Sweet Rose" snowflake from her Snowflake book in Tatskool's Vanilla Sky HDT. This is the first time she has tatted without posting the shuttle through the rings before closing and she's amazed at how posting the shuttle has affected the tension of her work.
Sherry finished her entry for the fair, It's about 3 feet wide and it looks a little bare to her, but she didn't have enough time to tat more. When the fair is over she'll add some more animals, a garden and a few clouds.

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