Thursday, August 12, 2010

Animals, Bookmarks, Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces and Edgings

Ingrid inherited a box full of lovely pastel threads from her aunts, but for sentimental reasons, she didn't want to use it. Instead she bought some new DMC 80 and here are 3 edgings she made just for fun. The bottom 2 are in Durable cotton (pattern from Gisela Graff-Höfgen), the top one DMC size 80.
Lily is trying to cool off tatting snowflakes in summer. This one is the snowflake pattern from the book 'Needle Tatting with Style Book I', the pattern was made by Sandra Scales.
Sue is back from vacation and finished the large wheel from a Yoke pattern from Priscilla Tatting Book in size 20 Lizbeth Christmas Delight. Agasunset made a mistake on a flower for a wedding mask and turned it into a bracelet and an anklet and a slave bracelet. Even mistakes are useful, so taking a page from BSOTF's book she pulled out her cast off bits and pieces and turned them into a one of a kind necklace for herself.
Wanda has seen so many lovely earring designs that she thought she'd do one of her own in Lizbeth #682 Country Grape, Dk, size 20, for the local county fair. She also tatted a bookmark based on the motif from the November 1953 Workbasket.
Ancolie tatted this motif from Judith Connors in DMC perle cotton size 12.
Anne needed another Tardis bookmark.
Diane tatted favorite bookmark "Stumpy" by Kersti Anear in Altin Basak, size 50, color #304 to test out a new shuttle design by Chris Hinton at The Shuttle Shop. Her blog give away for the Spinning Wheel Glass Mat and Stumpy bookmark has been won.
Fox was intrigues by Gina's post about twisted joins and actually had to try out some samples to test things out for herself. She did a couple of motifs to finish off the Omega thread and ran out before she finished. She's decided she likes the feel of the Omega. It looks like Fox really is addicted to making clunies. This one is tatted in Krystle's Watermelon HDT. Krystle has an earring done using tatting and needlelace and she's wondering is she should do the second one.
Sherry is still tatting farm animals like the goslings in Butter Toffee and the calf in Cocoa Bean HDT.
Shirl says this frame from Mary Konior's Tatting with Visual Patterns was wonderful to work. She tatted it in DMC Ecru size 50 and the finished piece measures 7" x 10.5".
Wally signed up for the Extreme Round Robin some time ago, but then had a Lupus crisis and found herself unable to continue. She finally recovered enough to complete a tatted beaded and sequin covered bag for Ellen, her last exchange partner.

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