Monday, August 23, 2010

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Kkommy is still working on the Dragon Wing Doily but with the heat and humidity it wasn't good for tatting. She has started Jon's Stars in Clover using Lizbeth Falling Leaves #100 in size 20 and managed to get it finished.
Ingrid made this pendant in black Pia crotchet cotton, a colour that perfectly matches her new sweater. The little medallion was made to empty her shuttle and it will go to her card making friend. The pattern is from Burda frivolité, 1980 edition and it's one motif of an edging.
BSOTF shows us a hat for the wee one decorated in tatting.
Magda has prepared lots of tatting for the harvest festival. First there are bracelets made with Altin Basak 50; Serenade in light green, Czardas in red, Viennese Waltz in white and Tango in black. Ear clips also in green to match the Serenade bracelet. Then a multi layered brooch in yellow Aida size 20 with the honey coloured beads is called Dahlia and Amaryllis 1 is made in coral colour Aida and Amaryllis 2 is done in lime coloured Aida. These are based on Linda Davis' designs.
Mickchick made tatted this pendant with DMC Linen Embroidery floss.
Kjellaug tatted this motif by Debbie Arnold after first learning how to do split rings. She had to modify it a bit because of the thick thread she was using.
Agasunset started another mask but didn't have time to complete it. She started again using wool and decided that it looked good too. Katherinne has had one of those doilies where an earlier error has required cutting off an entire row, but it's nearly done now. (Ouch! We can all sympathize with that one.) She made this bracelet using size 10 Royal thread, in Bridal Blue and even after some aggressive blocking it looks limp. The next one was done in DMC Cebelia size 10 and when she emptied the shuttles she tried again in the same thread but with different stitch count and the Cebelia seems a little firmer. Cebelia and Royale are 3 ply threads. If you really want something with body you need to use a 6 cord thread like Lizbeth.
IsDihara wanted to see what the effect would be on the design if she applied the shoelace trick on a design in various ways. Check out her blog for a description of the changes she used to tat Mary Konior's Queen of Hearts in different colours.
Fox gives us a preview of how the hat is coming along. It's going to look just grand when it's all finished.
Marty was really disappointed with the second place ribbon she got for this ornament. It's made in DMC size 80 red and green threads with red, green, and white beads and she made a completely different bottom for it. All the judges could say was that it was not spaced evenly on the ball. (They obviously don't know much about making lace in fine threads.)

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