Friday, January 16, 2009

Snowflakes, Fish, Hearts and Clunies

Christine is the lucky winner of Sherry's ceramic shuttle and she plans to pay it forward with a hand made purse giveaway.
Angie has the sole of the baby bootie done now but she thinks it might be a bit big. Her next entrant for the challenge is the patchwork pattern from Mary Konior Tatting with Visual Patterns done in size 10 Cebelia thread and she has enough thread to make a lot more. Her third entry is from the Priscilla Tatting Book No. 1. Changes could be made to make it more tatter friendly since each round is cut and tied.
Vinnie's latest endeavor is clunies. Her first one was turned into a basked of flowers bookmark. Consistency is tough, but perseverance pays off. Add encapsulation and here is a bracelet with multiple coloured flowers on a cluny vine. Very interesting.
Ancolie has been learning split chains and found several tutorials online. She made this little doily while watching TV and remarks that it uses only one split ring.
Wanda has added this interesting collection of mounted shuttles and snowflakes to her wall art. It's an interesting was to display your tatting and tools and I can see more examples of them popping up in tatdom. Maybe it's time to take down the wallpaper and paint the walls a nice soft ivory so that I can cover my walls with lace. Oh honey, what are you doing this weekend?......
Kathy's 9th motif is a snowflake with a variation from DMC Festive Tatting designed by Marion T. Leyds. She omitted the central rings to avoid having to use 2 shuttles. These snowflakes will look good on her favourite winter sweater and Kathy likes to dress the snowflakes up with jewels and silk flowers. Another Marion T. Leyds design from the same book also missing the inner rings is Motif #10. This time the missing rings make room to hang a snowflake ‘crystal’ pendant that's a real sun catcher. Motif 11 is her own design and the inspiration for this snowflake was a Lenox porcelain snowflake that she saw in a catalog.
Sherry drew the winner for her beautiful ceramic shuttle yesterdayand the winner was another challenge participant, Christine. Today she is starting the challenge all over again. This time she will be using her hand dyed thread (HDT) and in addition to doing the challenge she'll also have samples of her HDT for the shop. Her first piece is a fish she designed for friend and student Kyoung-mi worked in size 20 "BUTTER TOFFEE" HDT.
Wally made Ann-Christine Sundqvist's button pattern called Abby's Heart when she didn't have internet access. The thread is El Beida cotton perle in ecru and the brick red thread is DMC floss. The small heart is Rosemarie Peel's "Heart of England" in the same threads. It seems a bit out of shape and she thinks she might have made a mistake so she's going to tat it again.

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