Friday, January 30, 2009

Bookmarks, Butterflies, Fish and Snowflakes

Welcome to all of our new participants. We have had quite a few new members recently. Don't forget to check on the links provided and read the full account of what people are doing and make comments on their blogs. Everyone likes to know that people are stopping by and admiring their work. Note that there has been a new challenge posted to the Design Challenge blog. Everyone is welcome to participate and this one is a fairly easy challenge. Book authors, if you haven't sent me your email address, yet please do, the Tatting Book blog will only be useful to the tatting community if everyone is represented.
Krystle joins the challenge. She's been having success with tatting bookmarks tatting one by Sandy Scales from "Tatted Bookmarks"shuttle tatted with Flora size 20. Then on to the two colored bookmark adapted by Gina Brummett from an edging in Tatting Doilies & Edgings. With those successes under her belt she tackled Iris Niebach's "Delia" where she hit a few snags trying to tat a 2 shuttle pattern with one shuttle and then trying to do an SCMR instead of a thrown off ring..... Mastering new patterns when over tired is never a good idea.
Connie Angeline, (we have another Connie) is another new participant. She shows us a butterfly that she did for an exchange last year. The pattern is Christel Wutzman's. In contrast, Mary Konior's Small Cross is a new piece, where she's learned to tell which side of the piece she's on by leaving not really, she just gained experience, and she even learned how to hide her ends, tat over tails, block and starch her tatting. We won't mention the stitch count and extra picot in the center chains, they're just design adaptations.The thread is, of course, Pamela's Rainbow Brite HDT.
Charlotte had a flurry (as in sudden burst of activity) that produced 2 snowflakes, both from Samantha Melnychuk's A Veritable Tatted Blizzard, tatted in number 20 Anchor thread. She's whipping right through this book and looking for some more patterns to tat. Try here, this page will keep you out of trouble for a while. Kyoung-mi was given a tatted fish designed by Sherry. This is her version of it with a pearl bead for the eye.
Angie has tatted Tir-Heart by Susan B. Taliaferro in size 30 Omega thread. The variegated thread turned out beautiful.
Ancolie shows us her homework from the online class which is a pattern from Ellen Lai, Hearts on a Paper Clip.
Claudia was in the online classroom and has been experimenting with over crocheted picots and interlaced picots. She thinks it looks like a pansy. The pink one has been turned into a hair clip. The class went on to cover the single shuttle split ring, with a cute example to tat, a micro dragon form Anne Bruvold.
Heather has rearranged her blog so that her patterns are easier to find.
Alan has been tatting a blizzard of snowflakes since Christmas using patterns by Tina Frauberger, Jan Stawasz and Teri Dusenbury all done in Flora #20. The snowflakes have been blocked, stiffened, and sprinkled with micro glitter.
Eva is tatting Quantiesque again, this time in variegated yellow. It's amazing how a different colour for the interlacing row gives a whole new look to this snowflake.
Wally announced that for her fourth run through the challenge that she is going to do butterflies, but somehow we missed showing you the picture of these quickies she did with sequins. I think I've got her on a sequin binge. Just call me an enabler, or is that a tatting pusher?

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