Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hearts, Fragments and Polygons

Angie tried Mary's Lacey Heart and made a mistake that she didn't catch until 2 rings later and she hates undoing rings, then Ruth's Easy Heart where she put the centre ring in backwards and again didn't catch it until 2 rings later. She started again and the center ring is going the right way but it doesn't lay flat so she ripped out the last ring and is going to add split rings a make it into a necklace for her granddaughter.
Ancolie has tatted a four-sided polygon, not a diamond, in 2 colours DMC black and white size 80. This next piece is a diamond seen under a magnifying glass with shuttles for perspective. That's itty bitty thread being used.
Bev tatted a heart from Patti Duff's Mini Tats size 50 DMC and added Victorian sets at the bottom to make a bookmark. The Celtic Badge by Rosemarie Peel is being made in the MacKay plaid and the prototype is in size 20 but the finished piece will be in size 80 thread and will be put in a lovely brooch. Bev is proud to announce that she has finally mastered the SCMR used here at the bottom of Martha Ess' "Teensy Forsythia Heart" tatted in vintage Clarke's Big Ball soft green, and yellow; size 30. Bev is making a 2-part scene on cream ultra suede for her pastor using a vintage woodcut on one side and the goblet, wafer and cross on the other side. She may re-tat the goblet(Sharon Briggs) in a smaller thread with a better color for the wine for proportional size compared to the cross(Lindsay Rogers). She was trying to approximate a Shepard's loaf in block tatting (Martha Ess). The white thread is DMC 30, the wine is DMC Cebelia 30; and the block tatted bread in ecru is vintage Coats Best six-cord 20.

Diane tatted Mary Konior's Flower Fragment from Tatting with Visual Patterns using Finca #16, color #7644. She started on Leaf Braid from the same book using a favourite thread Altin Basak size 50, color #3004 and her new gourd shuttle. As you can see it's a very large shuttle which is great for working on large projects because of all the thread it will hold.

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