Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Butterflies, Snowflakes, Hearts, Bookmarks and more

There are now 55 participants in the challenge and today's posting has taken me about 6 hours to complete. So grab a cup of your favourite beverage and prepare to drool over your keyboard for a while.
Charlotte is a new participant and she begins her challenge with the Frosted Flower Snowflake from Samantha Melnychuk's A Veritable Tatted Blizzard.
Vicki has added a navy blue round to the clover doily and it's really coming together. The next round will be variegated. Also completed is a little bitty cross.
Christine tatted Jon’s Hearts Entwined/Crowning Hearts pattern using Heather’s Hand Dyed Thread "Cotton Candy" in size 30.
Kyoung-mi has been very, very busy tatting for the challenge and here are her next 19 motifs! Don't you love the way she has combined her pottery with the tatting? You can also see Sherry's HDT influence.
Hye-Soon has also been busy tatting and here are some of the things she has done. HDT also figures heavily into her thread choices . If you'd like to make some cute itty bitty baby dolls check out her tutorial under the quilt label.
Kelly is wondering if her flurry of tatted snowflakes has contributed to the white stuff on the ground. Her girlfriend wanted a doily but she wanted a solid centre as it was to go under a lamp so Kelly tatted a lovely edging on a circle of fabric. Now her friend wants 3 more. I think I'd rather have friends like this who appreciate what I make rather than those that think tatting is a lost art.
Angie is determined to finish some of her unfinished projects, but first she just had to tat Connie Strobel's fan from the Be-Stitched page. Then she had thread on her shuttles so she just had to tat the quick Li'l Heart by Birgit Phelps. In a bid to finish her UFOs she finally sat down and added the tatting to these 2 hankies.The green one is the simplified version of Skipping Ropes from Mary Konior's Tatting with Visual Patterns and the blue is the traditional hens and chicks pattern. The little snowflake tatted in Olympus 40 was madefor her window. The little pig from Christel Weidmann's Tatting Farm Animals is going to her sister who collects pigs.
Steph has tatted Debbie Arnold's seahorse in Sherry's "Seaweed" HDT and named the seahorse after the thread colour.
Vinnie created an entire flower garden small enough to be mounted on a snowflake. Would this look gorgeous mounted on a large decorative gold button instead of a snowflake? It's almost like a miniature world. She thought she'd try out onion ring technique and made this cute little butterfly in the car on the way to Dadri. The red and white sample is a maltese ring butterfly made on the way back.
Ancolie has tatted a 6 petal flower and unlike a typical daisy none of the rings are joined to one another. The pattern for this bookmark is called "Big Cross".
Heather was designing something in her "Flower Garden" HDT size 20. It decided it wanted to be a bookmark and Heather and Heather has generously shared the pattern. Here's the Butterfly Bookmark.
TattingChic has a tatted a heart and it's part of a giveaway on her blog. Check it out.
Bonnie tatted Ruth Perry's 2008 Celtic Snowflake, her #21 of the 25 Motif Challenge made using Marilee's "Lola" HDT, size 30. The bookmark is for the Tatting Round Robin a pattern by Julie Patterson called Spring Flowers Bookmark in size 80 DMC thread in blue and a variegated green.
Aileen has finished her butterfly round robin with these 2 beauties. The first is modified butterfly by Italian designer Ms Edda called Farfalla rossa 1 done in DMC size 80 thread. Her next butterfly has the alternative tatted centre by Jane Eborall done in 20 Coats with size 11 beads. I think it looks spectacular.
Eva started tatting Quantiesque on her flight to Lanzarote using plastic shuttles with point because she couldn't use her crochet hook. It was difficult getting used to the point but she managed and will probably do this snowflake again.
Joy finished her hanky edging. The pattern is hens and chicks and the thread is Olympus size 40 is lovely pastel shades. The hanky blank is from Handy Hands.
Martha has her 25th motif done. The first picture show the trial bits that didn't work. The second one shows it assembled. Now it needs a name. Any ideas?
Sherry tatted her fish in "RAIN FOREST" Silk HDT size 20 tatting thread and used a mother of pearl bead for the fish eye. She has tweaked the pattern a bit, but it still needs a little something.
Wally has switched her blog to Blogger for her tatting. She was playing with interlaced picots and made this asymmetrical little heart that looks like it wants to fly. Then she decided to use the technique in a flower gradually increasing the length of the picots she used. The flower gained a border that made it into a heart with another little flower at it's point. Her last entry for the day is a pattern called Trio of Hearts by Vicki Clarke that she will use as earrings.

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