Monday, January 05, 2009

New Member's and Lots of Snowflakes

Jill starts of the tatting challenge with a bang with two motif's. The first is
a simple snowflake pattern from Myra Piper's book "Tatting". It is the #5 snowflake pattern tatted in size 40 thread. The second is Jon's "Quantiesque" snowflake in quilting thread.

Angie has started the 25 motif challenge with a bookmark that she made using the pattern of the center of Jon's snowflake. Steph has tatted Ladyshuttlemakers Royal Diadem in HDT Pansy size 50. It turned out beautifully. Anne is introducing Ringtrim, a micro dragon that she designed.

Tattingchic shares 17 unfinished objects and works in progress. Since they aren't really challenge pieces you can check out her blog to see the rest of them. This one border for a linen circle with needlelace centres.

Ancolie has tatted 3 small doilies for the challenge. Two in white and one in blue.

Vinnie tatted a cross and snowflake but is not sure if she wants to use them as part of the challenge.

Carolyn tatted Marilee's "Joyful Bell" in size 10 thread and it's 2.25 inches long.

Jeff did Lenore English's "January Reflections" snowflake for motif #17 of the challenge in Cebelia size 30 thread in colour # 797. Diane is doing the challenge again and has posted her first two motifs.

Jon shows how Gina turned her Quantiesque snowflake into a bookmark and it's give her ideas for some of the motifs lying around in her tatting box.
Laura has tatted Pansy Angel with the pattern from Blossoms and Blessings Designs and it is done in HDT. Very nice Laura.
Mark has tatted a wonderful beaded necklace and earring set.
Norma was given a box of vintage crochet pieces which also included a doily with a jersey type fabric centre which alreday has holes in it. She wants to remove the lace and put it on a piece of linen she has.
Tami has tatted Anne's dragon for her son.


Tatfully Yours said...

Hi I'm very new to blogging but have been enjoying the Tatting Community for some time now. I feel ready to join up for the challenge. If you could add my that would be great.


Needledreams said...

WOW! I have missed so much the challenge in these almost 2 months without net. But I have been tatting and I'll be posting all the hearts I have make for my challenge. Here is the new one:

SO many beautiful tatting as always! Everybody is an inspiration to keep tatting!