Sunday, April 29, 2007

Tons of Terrific Tatting

Gail has started this doily again and she has reached the point where she's wondering if she should stick to the pattern as written, or let creativity take off and go in a whole new direction. See the shuttle? It's one of Sherry's ceramic shuttles and it looks like it tats very nicely. Ceramic!, think of all the possibilities.
Jon has been working on an edging that she plans on attaching to a tablecloth. She doesn't like the way the outer row looks so she's leaving it off for now. She plans on attaching the edging to the centre section, and not the outer edge. So far, it's looking really great.

EeKoon has laid aside the cross stitch for a while to do some embroidery. As for tatting she has picked up Iris Niebach's book "Tatted Doilies" and has begun to work on one called Beatrice. Stay tuned for pictures as the lace develops.

Marilee attended a day put on by the Prairie Mill Lacemakers. It sounds like it was a totally Victorian day from the laces to the sumptuous tea they enjoyed. Check out the pictures on Marilee's blog and keep a bib handy to catch the drool.

Marty has done a square motif from "Tatting together square motifs" edited by Iris Niebach. This one is made in DMC Cébélia size 20 in green and white. She has also been working on this lovely oval design also by Iris. Should she add more blocks to it or design a complimentary border? Any ideas?

Sylvia passed the time on her coach ride tatting a cross from the Mary Konior book Tatting with Visual Patterns. On the coach going to Ostend she tatted a snowflake from book by Lene Bjorn called 24 snowflakes in tatting.

Melissa and her husband both learned how to shuttle tat this weekend. They are working on a MOM bookmark.
Sherry posts a tribute to her great grandmother and a picture of the tatted flowers given to everyone at the Shuttlebirds convention.

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