Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Butterflies Bookmarks and Tatting to drool over

Gail enjoyed her trip to Las Vegas and managed to do some knitting while she was away. She returned and her daughter gave her the first handspun yarn that she has made and wanted it turned into something. Gail obliged by knitting a nice bag for holding lots of projects.

Mark spent his lunch hour teaching a lady at work how to tat. That's the way to do it. One at a time we'll get the whole world tatting.

Snowy was one of the nurses attending a group of patients who went to Lourdes and during her spare moments she tatted Lenore English's bookmark in a beautiful variegated thread. She also managed to teach one of her colleagues to tat. There's another one to swell the ranks of tatters.
Donna is working steadily on knitting her first sock and with much perseverance she has managed to turn the heel while only dropping one stitch. Just think of all the things she'll learn doing this one sock. Knitting in the round, turning heels, picking up stitches. After this it's all downhill.

Laura has added a bevy of tatted beauties to her blog. She added beads to the flowers of the blue Sunbonnet Sue and it really makes it stand out. The celtic button butterfly is from the May 2007 "Tatting Times" by Karey Solomon and was made in size 20 DMC Cebelia using a 3/8 inch button.

Charlene has been working on a selection of tatted bookmarks. She used Finca perle 16 for 2 of them then did a finer one in DMC 80 and then she tried a new thread from Paraguay she won on ebay. Rubi size 20 in white seems a bit stiffer and fuller. Charlene watched a program promoting aid to impoverished places and decided to take the money she had earmarked for a craft trip and give it to people really in need instead.
Marty tatted another of Iris Niebach's designs. This little one is called "Cactus" from the free patterns at Iris Niebach's Tatting Online made with DMC Cebelia size 30 thread. Melissa has been working on her quilt block and ordered a lovely little pincushion to hold all her needles. She has embroidered embellishments on the quilt block and even added a tatted dagger bead dragonfly to it. The block is truly one of a kind since Melissa designed the dragonfly herself.Sherry attended the Shuttlebirds workshop and met a lot of friends for the first time. She shares pictures of all the happenings on her blog that you will love to see. Keep a towel handy to wipe the drool off your keyboard as you watch the pictures of the lace displays.

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