Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Butterfly, Bat, and a Gaggle of Geese

I'm in a rush so this will be quick. There's a lot happening in blogland that I don't have time to mention, so use the links at the right to check things out for yourself.

Mark has completed a Milanese hummingbird. He's working on patterns and worksheets for a workshop this weekend and in between he's been checking out the garden and corralling dust bunnies.

Jon had a reunion and got to meet a lot of old classmates and the lovely doily that she did was exchanged with one of them. Now she has been working on hand-phone ornaments. Aren't they clever?
Carol shows us the bat necklace she made to go with her bat mask. Both were shown off at the lace day. They're just marvelous.
Pamela has tatted up a gaggle of geese. Her first samples are Martha Ess's block tatted critters done in Flora 10 and 20. Isn't is wonderful how changing the thread size gives you goslings instead of geese. Jane Eborall's pattern was done in Flora 20 then Pamela tweaked the design a little to create a new species. Now she's experimenting with adding in some variegated size 80 to change the colour a little. It will be interesting to see where this leads.

Eliz is working on the online class homework, Tina Frauberger's Edging published in 1913, tatted in size 30 crochet cotton. I neglected to mention it in the last post but Eliz has cataloged a lot of useful links at the bottom of her blog so that everything is neatly organized in one place.
Patti has been playing with the thread she won on ebay. Her first motif is a beautiful pattern by Sherry Pence made with a #5 needle using #10 DMC Cebelia for the body and #10 Flora for the body. Patti has been checking out the vast resources of the public domain tatting books and she has listed a number of sources on her blog.

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