Friday, April 06, 2007

Butterfly, Penguin and Dragonfly Earrings

Mark is working on another half ring design all done with one shuttle. This is half of the butterfly filled with small HRs in a criss-cross fashion. Interesting effect. Almost looks like little clunies in a trail, but it's just 4ds HRs. The project is made with variegated purple and green tatting cotton size 80. I can't wait to see the finished butterfly!
Sharon has been tatting with black thread and having a lot of trouble with it. She's also posted some pictures of an embroidered skirt.

Jeanne tatted Sue Hanson's Viola heart in size 20 Flora and sent it to her sister who plays the viola.
Laura tatted another of Mark's Easter Egg pattern in Easter colours. The first picture taken with the new camera looked kind of blurry. The second one taken with the old camera looks much better.
Pamela has another group of critters tatted up. This time it's penguins. She did a colony of block tatted penguins from Marth Ess' book 'New Critters on the Block' done in size 20 Flora and bigger ones in size 10.The Lace Guild's 'The Penguin Pattern Book', the book contains a tatted penguin by Pam Palmer. It's made in 4 sections and Pamela says he is fairly easy to tat. She did hers in size 20 Flora. A bigger one in size 10 is about 4 inches tall. Does anyone know of other penguin patterns?
Eliz has 27 motives done for her Cecelia doily and it's going to be so gorgeous. She also worked on Ruth's bullion stitch cross. Melissa has tatted 4 new motives. She took her dragonfly design and turned them into earrings. Very clever. Then she saw the Cecelia Doily by Cherie Wheeler and tatted it up using yarn on a size 3 needle. It would make a nice shawl wouldn't it? Next she made Birgit Phelps Sweet Heart motif in a lovely pink, then she made another white Clover leaf heart to wear to a military formal.

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