Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tatting for a Pashmina, Butterflies, and Sunbonnet Sue

We have had a number of people who have completed the challenge and originally I planned to remove them from the link list, but many people have just jumped right back in and started another 25 motives. So, if you finish your challenge and you'd like to be removed let me know. You can either post a comment or send an email to me - sharon at gagechek dot com

Mark and Kim finished the cake. You should check it out, it looks yummy, but too marvelous to eat.

The new cutie has arrived! Riet has laid aside her tatting to pick up Nora, her beautiful new granddaughter. Congratulations Riet.

Barbara has tatted 2 of Jon's designs. The first is done with DMC Cordonnet 20 and the other with a variegated lavender Anchor size 20. That makes 18 motives done. This pashmina is going to look marvelous. Hurry up and tat, I want to see the finished shawl!

Sharon has add a lengthy reference on blocking, stiffening and storing tatting. If anyone has more information, let her know and she'll add it so that it's available as a permanent reference.

Carol's page is full of puppy love. She will be attending the Lafayette Lacers Lace day on Saturday and will have more pictures to show of tatty surprises.

Laura has been tatting butterflies from the Big Book of Tatting by Darlene Polachic. The gold butterfly was tatted in #20 DMC Cebelia, the purple one in Altin Basak and Cebelia. Sunbonnet Sue from the same book, done in the same threads as the purple butterfly completes Laura's second set of 25 motives. At this rate we'll cover the globe in tatting.

Charlene has plans to join the online Beginners Tatting course.

Eliz has put aside the Cecelia doily for a while to tackle the Tatting Proficiency Program. No doubt we'll be seeing more tatting soon.


GardeniaPatti said...

I'd like to join the challenge! Now, I just need to decide what pieces I'm going to do. :)

Marilee Rockley said...

I think I've finished 25, but I'd like to do another set, if that's OK. It's really fun to participate in this.

Sharon said...

Patti I've added your link to the challenge page. Marilee, I don't know whay you shouldn't start again. A lot of the participants have. Tatting up 25 motives has become a delightful addiction.