Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Useful Tatting

Ruth has completed her rainbow and shown what it would look like reflected. The Peep bookmark has been added to the Tatting Pattern Calendar so that we can all have Peep bookmarks for Easter.
Jon created a design to be used as a cover for a jam jar, but she notes that it could also serve as a cover for potpourri and the same design can be used as a coaster for a candle or a hat for a doll. One design lots of options.
Maria has finished her 25 motives. During the challenge she had some computer problems and was forced to post many of her motives all at once so we only got to see a few of them. That's all right, because now that she's done she thinks she'll try it again. I don't think anyone has finished their 25 and just quit. I think we're all addicted to just tatting more and more lace. Maria turned one of these motives into a pin and the other one into a pendant.

Laura doesn't have time for tatting - she's too busy snapping pictures of Isaac. If you had this happy face in your living room you'd be snapping pictures too.

Charlene's tatting often gets used as embellishments on her crazy quilting and now she has her tatting organized on her new blog so we can she the laces more clearly. She's been working on onion rings, but isn't quite satisfied with them yet, and she's working on a lovely collection of spiders. Lacemakers can relate to spiders, they're not just for crazy quilts. The little owls will certainly add some interest to a quilt block too. Her most recent motif is Martha Ess' version of Birgit Phelps' Simple Angel and yes, she is lovely.

Melissa has been working on her CQ block and it looks lovely, but it needs some tatting!

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Melissa said...

I agree it does need some tatting! Hey you have any links to the dragonfly you mentioned? The one with dagger beads for wings? I have some dagger beads!