Friday, March 16, 2007

Pinwheels, Kites, Palms and Easter eggs

Look what Ruth has created - Lucky the Leprechaun.

Gail is tatting away on her doily. It's one of those designs where there are 2 parts to it connected by the row she's on now. Since she's determined to work it all in one piece, she has a zillion markers on it to hold her joining places. Clyde has been tatting Easter eggs but since he's going away on holidays he won't be able to tat a lot of them.

Mark has finished making the costumes, props and stage painting for the school play, but he still has a wedding cake to make and then in April he has to teach a workshop at the GLLG in Grand Rapids, MI. I'm out of breath just talking about it.

Jon has created a button kite for the Tatting Pattern Calendar. Look at the flying tails on it!

Carol has plans to make a life size basket of poinsettias. She has just finished the bottom of the basket which she plans to add 6 inches of sided to. She's doing the flowers a la Scharf and has already completed 6 red and 3 green ones. In addition she made a present for a friend and has plans for another project in the works. In short she's been one busy tatter.
Laura got her friendship doily back for the 6th round, it's the one middle right. She though she'd show us all of the doilies together. What a splash of colour on a dreary day.
Dawn has been having fun tatting from the tatting pattern calendar. Charlene has tatted a button motif, a new technique for her and the Palmettos palm tree. Melissa is busy working on a CQ block.

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