Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Collection of Tatting

Ruth has posted a cloud flower the pattern for which is shown in the Tatting Pattern Calendar. All these clouds need is some blue sky and kites to fly in them.
Sue has posted the Snow Flower Flake which is being studied in the online class. The design used both downward shuttle joins and Catherine wheel joins.
Marty completed one of Jan Stawasz' designs using a combination of one thread of Coats hand quilting cotton thread in variegated pastel shades and one thread of Signature polyester machine embroidery thread in variegated bright shades. The effects are beautiful and she had enough thread left over to make some cute earrings. She notes that adding beads to the hook helps to integrate them into the design and these nylon hooks she has used have several advantages.
Eliz had a lot of waiting room time and she has managed to finish off her 25 motives. She used Katie Verna's Flowers on the Vine bookmark with a few variations, Mark Myers patriotic bookmark, Kim Millar's laced bookmark and Betsy Evans' Small Tatted Heart. She'll be baaack, I can already hear the gears whirring as she thinks of new things to tat.
Melissa has been tatting Birgit Phelps heart. She did it both in size 10 ecru cotton and in size 8 perle cotton. The both look great.

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Charlene ♥ NC said...

May I change the location of my tatting listings? It was When This You See, Remember Me, but I would like for it to now be Needle in Hand. I'm working to move all my tatting stuff to this new blog.

Thank you!