Monday, March 12, 2007

Leaves and flowers everywhere

Gail has been tatting in spite of swollen fingers, but exactly what she's working on is a mystery to me since Blogger won't let me see the picture.

Jon has added 3 more rows to another doily she was working on, so for it looks great.
Elizabeth has posted her 3rd motif, a yummy flower design on another necklace. Elizabeth is having to deal with this being a busy season at work and her boss, who is also a friend passed away recently so it's been very hard. She's right though, tatting is very therapeutic in more than one sense of the word.
Laura's been having fun tatting shamrocks from different patterns. The ones pictures were done with different brands of size 20 thread. She likes the middle one best even though it isn't really green. Me too.
Charlene has been spending time in the garden planting roses.

Marty tatted Kersti's Tatted bookmark with beads in two shades of pink, one a machine embroidery thread and the other a polyester sewing thread.

Eliz was riding on a bus with a load of teens on the way to a concert and managed to teach one of the Moms to tat. No pictures of it, but very productive none the less.

Melissa shares a picture of the daffodils blooming in her garden. It'll be a while before there's enough snow gone for my flowers to bloom, but the tatted ones are with me all year long.

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