Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hearts, Doilies, Crosses and Shamrocks

Arlene has tatted a collection of shamrocks for work. Isn't it amazing how many different patterns there are for 3 leaves and a stem? Arlene has also completed a wonderful purse using a pattern from Tatting Lace, a Japanese text. The patten was challenging as she had to guess what they were talking about. She thinks she might save this for one of her girls' weddings.
Jon has completed her doily and its absolutely stunning. What a marvelous gift to give someone.
EeKoon has posted an updated wish list.

Marilee has tatted a cross from "The Complete Book of Tatting" by Rebecca Jones. Tatting it was therapeutic helping her to cope with the loss of a family member to cancer. Condolences on the loss of your loved one Marilee. It's never easy to lose the people we care for.

Laura re-worked Ruth's shamrock and this time it worked. It looks lovely.

Martha used silver metallic Oren Bayan and Cebelia size 20 in colours 797 and 800 to tat this marvelous heart. She used the split ring lattice work technique Mark Myers developed, for the centre to give the whole thing a textured look and feel. The heart was created for the Hearts with Wings exchange last month.Sylvia attended the Bristol workshop where Sue taught pearl tatting, then she came home and made a lot of lovely bracelets using the technique. Mary Maynard's Celtic design is Sylvia's 7th motif.
Eliz has worked out the centre for her rectangular doily. It's looking good.
Melissa needle tatted Birgit Phelps' SweetHeart pattern and she was given permission to share her needle tatting instructions. Melissa is working on a crazy quilt round robin and she added one of her tatted motives to the block, embellishing it with folded roses and leaf beads.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Sharon, for your kind words. It seems that people who do crafts are better able to deal with trouble of any sort, than people who do not have a creative outlet.