Sunday, January 28, 2007

Tatted Bookmarks and Butterflies

Did you see the challenge Ruth has posted in her blog? Has anyone given it a try yet? Ruth has also posted a White Paisley Heart & Fleurs Edging, a yellow Celtic butterfly and a green and purple butterfly. The Tatting Pattern Calendar has featured a couple of hanging cluny designs recently.

Lynda is working away on her Christmons, but the design isn't co-operating. She has decided that it's time to put it aside and try something else for a while.

Jon's entry for today is a bookmark with split rings and long woven picots. She has almost finished her challenge pieces and wants to make 2 more doilies to complete it. Awesome work Jon, it's been fun to see what you come up with.

Laura has tatted Dianna Steven's snake bookmark and has plans to frame it with the letter "S" for her grandson's nursery.

Dawn has designed her very first bookmark. It's a lovely Celtic design of interwoven blue and white.

Charlene shares a picture of some laces intended for CQ embellishment.

Mary designed a very simple little beaded butterfly for her granddaughter to tat and will do another design for her grandson.

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