Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Look at the variety in motives

Ruth has been tatting her compound snowflake and now has the first spike done. Don't forget to check out the calendar too. There's some really sweet snowflake earrings posted for today. Designers, I'm sure Ruth could use more contributions as 365 is a lot of patterns. This will be a terrific asset for any guild.

Clyde has posted pictures of the progress on his tablecloth. It's really going to be wonderful. I would have chickened out and made it in an ever increasing rectangle so that if I got tired of working on it, it would still be a usable object.

Sharon has posted written instructions on How to Tat. A lot of begins wind the thread the wrong way around their hand, make larks head knots instead of doublestitches or pull the thread too hard and un-flip their stitches. Maybe this will help some of them to "get it".

Carol has the 3rd round finished and the fourth round begun of her quilting thread doily. Simply marvellous.

Laura has done Jane's Celtic cross in size 20 Cebelia with her mother's pearls added in.

Bhavani has added a split ring motif in vibrant blue with white beads. This is a central part of another design and she wants to do it again adding more stitches to the outer round to see how it looks.

Charlene has created some baskets with flowers that would look adorable on one of her crazy quilt blocks. Isn't it wonderful when we can combine our hobbies? She has also done and a small round motif in brown. The tatting is looking better and better.

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Karen G. said...

I'm not participating, but I do visit frequently to see all the gorgeous tatting. You might want to consider a bloglines subscription for the particpants, so you'll be notified when there are updates and won't have to visit all 50 sites just to check.