Tuesday, January 23, 2007

From Flowers to Flamingos

In between tatting up enough celtic designs to produce a book and teaching an on-line class on hanging clunies, Ruth has still found enough time to keep the Tatting Pattern Calendar going. Today's entry is a tatted edging provided by Gina Butler. Don't forget to give Ruth your designs if you'd like them to be used in the calendar.

Riet thought of an idea in the middle of the night and then got up and tatted it in the morning. The results is a beautiful flower.

Laura shows us the next round on her friendship doily. The post office seems to have lost one of the doilies. Lets hope they find it soon.

LaRae has posted a picture of a great horned owl, her contribution to Wordless Wednesday.

Martha has posted a picture of a remarkable heart she designed. It features a bunch of grapes and leaves surrounded by the heart shape. She did several variations to get to the final heart and shows us how she attained the final design.

Pamela has tatted a flamingo. Well, actually she's tatted a whole flock of them. She started with Martha Ess' design and eventually she'll be using them to make a picture. Then she tatted Jane Eborall's flamingo and made a slight change to show the bird standing with one leg raised.


Tat-a-Renda said...

Hi Sharon,
Just to inform you that I kept getting the "Webpage not found" message when I click on the 'Calendar' link from here, but I can open it from my 'bookmark'. You may want to check the link again.


Sharon said...

The link is working, but I know the blog can be hard to get into at times. I think it may be due to the volume of traffic.