Friday, January 29, 2010

Snowflake, Heart, Horse, Leaf and Rooster

Carolyn got caught up in her other interests and wasn't able to tat for a while, but she has decided to take up the challenge again with Snowflake 7 from Festive Snowflakes and Ornaments edited by Barbara Foster in an unknown size 20 thread. Agasunset found that bad weather is conducive to staying inside and tatting. She tried her hand at making some square motifs and then joined them all together to create a pendant. After a quick photo shoot she had a number of new items to add to her Etsy store.

Isabel used my rose as a basis for her flower which she worked in 3 colours of sewing thread, purple, green pistachio, and fuchsia. Don't all those colours make for a really interesting effect?

Fox tatted the mignonette heart again and it's gorgeous. The mignonette gives it such a delicate lacy look and see how the variegation happened to line up.
M has tatted the Fall Leaves pattern by Heather Johnston in Lizbeth size 20, col 100. She had a bit of trouble following it at the start, but now that she has gained experience she's not afraid to tackle more leaves. Vanessa introduces Max her mauve breasted rooster that hatched thanks to Jane's TIAS.

IsDihara has tatted her rooster in Lizbeth size 40 in color # 107 Tropical Fruit, Clark's Big Ball size 30 crochet thread makes for his body and Lizbeth size 40 in color 688 Seagreen Dark, and a proud looking cock he is.
Linda has been working on Nancy Tracy's, "Mom's Pink Doily" in Lizbeth size 20 #151 Angel's Love. She was careful to make all the bare threads of the last round the same length but it still cupped a little until it was blocked.
Alan has found that tatting in silver while very rewarding has some serious drawbacks. He tatted Dawn's horse head earrings in silver and they look marvellous.

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