Thursday, January 28, 2010

Heart, Angel, Bookmark,Frankenstein and TIAS

Agasunset joins the challenge with "Heart 2 Heart" pendant which a design of her own devising that has a Swarovski crystal added to it.
NancyD tatted the Simple Angel pattern by Birgit Phelps.

Rayanna presents her TIAS humpbacked rooster. Hmmm looks like it got turned around so that the join was made on the wrong side of the body. Anne tatted a Tardis bookmark to go with her Dr Who book and now she is sharing the pattern. I'm a Dr Who fan and I can't believe I didn't recognize the familiar Tardis/police box shape.

Carol and her friend the other Carol enjoy Halloween and for their Secret Santa Exchange they tatted Halloween designs, which I totally missed. So after a very long delay on my part, this is what Carol sent out to her Secret Santa partner. Frankenstein and his bride are modified versions of Jane's Bride and Groom patterns, mounted and framed with accompanying bat, spider and spider web.
Kelly is thrilled that she successfully completed her TIAS rooster. She won some silk thread in a raffle basket last September at the Fringes "Fall into Tatting" weekend in Cambridge Ontario and she used it to make the Tiny Square Teapot from the "Tea is for Tatting" book by Martha Ess.

Martha has completed her TIAS rooster and named her cockerel Norman. Sherry has a new book in the works The Exquisite Collection of Butterflies Volume 2 is in the works. Check her blog for details.

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I have decided to re-join the challenge with a new round of motifs. My first one is here: