Thursday, January 14, 2010

Butterflies, Snowladies, Motifs and TIAS

Liyarra tatted "Have Motive Will Create" a pattern designed by Chrisi Thomas-Pike from the Tatters Guild of Australia newsletter in Altin Basak 50. "Masquerade" by Mary Konior from Tatting With Visual Patterns was tatted in Manuela 204 size 20.
Fox finished the motif using 2 shades of HDT; Marilee's Rhubarb Pie and Krystle's dark green. It's really beautiful, although there was a wee mishap with a small missed section, but it's all fixed now.
Vanessa thinks this part of the TIAS looks like a hat with a tail. A coonskin hat in mauve? I don't know about that.
IsDihara wound a little too much thread on her shuttles so she repeated the first steps of the TIAS. Day 4 has everyone just as stumped as to what it might be. This is the second try at the quilted ball ornament as the first had an accidental swim in tea. The tatting and the fabric colours are a perfect match.

Laura had these motifs completed and blocked earlier but had problems with the picture. That makes motifs 23, 24 and 25 and a successfully completed challenge. Wanda managed to get her Tatting Tea Tuesday blog post done. I love the tatted edging on the pillow, but sadly Wanda doesn't tell us about it. She has made progress on TIAS and both pieces are worked in size 20 Lizbeth but scanned on different machines so that the earlier Caribbean section looks smaller that the Victorian Red. The snowflake was a gift from Trayna.

Bev is working on her TIAS begum with Marilee's Vibrato in size 20. Day 4 is done and she is back to work on a hanky edging.

Carol is finally able to blog about the Secret Santa exchange which included this delightful pairing of a cross stitch snowman with a delicate border of Mary Konior's Black Magic edging.

Heather tatted Sherry's Prima butterfly from The Exquisite Collection of Tatted Butterflies and she used up some thread on her shuttles tatting some mini butterflies. It looks like there is a new colourway of HDT in the works. She had sad news of her Uncle's passing and didn't feel like tatting much but she did get some hearts from the book Easy Tatting by Rozella Linden done. She has a new project on the go using Frog Shuttles. TIAS day 4 and still no clue as to what it is.

Kathy was so enchanted with Linda’s cute snow people that she had to make own version with floppy Victorian hats. She modified the pattern in Rebecca Jones’ book, attached silk ribbon roses at the neck and even added pearls. Tatted with Lizbeth size 20 thread and tiny rhinestones for the eyes and nose, They look like Victorian ladies out for a stroll.

Kelly has TIAS day 4 done and still no idea what it is.

Sherry has some new tatting hook pens available and 2 new colourways of HDT; Victorian Valentine and My Sweet Valentine but she hasn't said which colour was used for this tantalizing snippet of a butterfly.

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Paula C. said...

Okay, I think I would like to take the plunge and make the 25 motifs a goal for me this year. Please add my name to the group. I don't have anything to show just yet but will start working on it this week. Thanks!