Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hearts, Dragon, Rose, Edging, and Jewellery

Sharon found this little heart motif a fun design to work but she doesn't know the designer. She copied it from the internet but the designer's name wasn't on it. Does anyone recognize it so that credit can be given? The Butterfly hearts are a pattern that came from a booklet by Karey Solomon. One of the ladies in Nancy's tatting group created a lovely stencilled card which Nancy has embellished with tiny bouquets of tatting.

Tatteristic had a bit of red thread left on the shuttle after doing some Christmas ornaments and decided to tat Paprika the Dragon, by Martha Ess.

Vanessa remembered this time to scan her tatting The square and diamond motifs are from Jane Eborall's site.

IsDihara tatted "Rose Doodle" by Mary Konior making wonderful use of a variegated thread to capture the true likeness of a rose. Vinnie's husband has just bought her a new car and now she's working on some tatting to adorn the interior. Will it be one of these or something totally different?

Heather has TIAS done for day 7. Krystle sent a friend some size 20 Lizbeth in her Ivria's Afternoon HDT and received back this adorable angel in tatting and hairpin lace. Wally tatted this edging on a hanky with a scalloped edge after trying out several other designs. Most edgings are straight along one side and don't allow for the undulation of a scalloped edge. The Spanish group is translating and modernizing the patterns from an old Priscilla book. One of the designs is a collar based on a hens and chick edging which incorporates bugle beads on the bare thread. Wally's version used size 10 thread and twisted beads with a matching pair of earrings.

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