Friday, June 22, 2007

Stars, Butterflies, Flowers and Dimpled Hearts

Ruth is back! After packing and moving and unpacking and being sick, Ruth is back with a whole lot of beautiful stars. Welcome back, Ruth we missed you.

Clyde has been outdoors planting his summer garden. What a lovely corner to relax in.

Mark had a wonderful time doing a lacemaking demo at Grande Levee where he met a blind woman and her daughter. He was able to share a memorable hands on experience with them that will be cherished forever. Check out the the display table in the picture and the cakes he did on his blog. Wow.
Sharon hasn't used a chatelaine before, but after she made this one to hold her tatting tools, she found it handy to have around. It clips on your belt rather than hanging around the neck and can be modified to hold more tools. The pattern for it is in the Tatted Lace Pattern Collection newsletter that you can order from her web site.
Snowy posted a design that reminded her of pyramid orchids and Laura fell in love with it. Here's Laura's adaptation of the design. We're not sure who the author is, it might be Cathy Bryant. Laura has done 3 of the motives using different colours for the rings and will do a fourth, as soon as the thread she ordered arrives. Laura also had a chance meeting in Michaels where she ran into a young lady who wanted to learn how to tat. So Laura showed her how.
Charlene has been practicing her dimpled rings and made a sweet little pink bookmark and another edging of dimpled rings. Lots of edgings can be made for seam treatments on CQ blocks with tatting.
In spite of the injuries she sustained from the dog attack Sherry has persisted and designed and tatted a butterfly and a flower to go on her tatted bag for the Tatting Treasures from Trash challenge. Aren't they gorgeous?
Anne just got a new origami book and she had to fold the dragon. He's a cutie. Now where is the tatted dragon ;-)

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