Tuesday, June 12, 2007

How to Tat pictures, Black Lace, and Bookmark

Mark has been tatting some more miniatures, but these are in black. It always looks dramatic, but it is very hard on the eyes. In addition to a miniature framed floral motif Mark has done some more tiny jewellery pieces.
Jon has added some How-to-Tat pictures to her blog. We can never have too many web sites that show how to tat. Different people tat in different ways and sometimes the little differences can make it easier for some people to learn.
Sharon showed us a corner of this tatted amulet bag earlier. Here's a picture of the whole bag created for the Tatted Lace Pattern Collection newsletter. Sharon's looking for more ideas of things to create.
After several requests Marty has put together a pattern for her square bookmark with buttons which she is offering on her blog.

Melissa created a lovely card with tatting information on it that she can give out to interested parties. Sometimes you don't have enough time to show someone how to tat, but they are interested and a little card will keep them connected to people that can show them how. Melissa has included her lovely Victorian roses and a tatted edging as a background for the information so that it's pretty and informative.

Wendy is planning a move and she's stocking up on lots of large plastic tubs. They cost more than sturdy cardboard but they don't end up in landfill, they're re-usable and after the move some things can just stay in them. A great idea if you have the room to store them when they are empty.

Anne has tatted some blue motives that she will use on her scarf. She wasn't following a pattern, just making it up as she went along. The white motif she will be adding to her web site. It's from a Norwegian magazine, Hjemmet no 10, 1983 a design originally made for needle tatting.

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