Sunday, June 24, 2007

Doilies Edgings, Scarves, Bags, and CQ

Look at all the different things done with tatting.
Arlene is fascinated by the doilies in Iris Niebach's book and who could blame her, they are all so lovely! This one is called Francesca and she's working on it using some wonderful shuttles from the Shuttleshop. Nice shuttles make the process just that much more enjoyable.
Jon created a square motif and when she was looking for something to show a class she tatted some more and joined them together. I just love the pattern within pattern effect that you get when you join motives together. This one is gorgeous. The bookmark she created was to show students 2 shuttle work. Simple brilliant Jon, you have some really marvelous ideas.

EeKoon has been busy knitting and quilting.

Laura posted a picture of embroidered pillowcases she received as a birthday gift.

Marty is showing us some of the pieces that she plans to use to decorate her denim bag in the Tatted Treasures from Trash Challenge. One of the pieces will decorate the edge of a pocket. The other is a mystery piece. Do the chains look like ripples?

Melissa has been working on a CQ block and used some of the tatted flower designs she learned to embellish it.

Sherry has tatted some more lace to use on her denim bag. Now she has some matching tatting on the back of her bag and she's already taken the bag out for a test run. She admits that sewing the tatting onto the bag was a real challenge. We all know what that's like, but once it's attached and every little picot sewn down it won't come off no matter what you do to the bag. The scrapes and bruises from the dog attack are healing but Sherry is missing a large chunk of skin off her hand. I can see why she hasn't been able to work on her pottery. You sure wouldn't want dirt collecting in that kind of wound.
Anne finished the scarf, attached the motives and tatted a nice wide border for the ends of it. The border appears to be made with the same thread that the scarf was knitted from. The knitted scarf is green, but the border has some blue rings in it. You can see a close up of it on her blog. The thread doesn't appear to be variegated and the blue in the border is the exact same colour as the blue motives. It looks like Anne has carefully tatted tiny sections in blue and cleverly hidden the ends.It's cleverly constructed and simply beautiful.

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