Monday, June 04, 2007

Lilacs and Butterflies and Rhubarb Pie

Lynda has been having some difficulties lately so that she hasn't been able to tat challenge motives. There was the Tatting Workshop in Spokane and pieces to get done for the county fair and she has plans to redo her leaf motif.

The blue doily Jon has been working on is 9 inches across now and she thinks the 2-3 rows she plans to add will make it about 15 inches across. Along with this and the crocheted tablecloth she has a number of works in progress.

Kathy has been busy, she just hasn't been posting her progress. She had to change blogs and she has re-posted some of her earlier motives and added a few new ones. The motives Kathy has been doing have been worked with threads she received in exchanges. She has kept a book with these motives, the information on the thread and who sent it to her. The thread for this motif is Lion Brane Lame metallic yarn, multi #960 and the pattern is from the October 1976 Workbasket.
Rhubarb pie. At least that's the colour of the hand dyed thread Marilee created and used to make these earrings.
Charlene received her exchange bookmark from Marty. We'll have to wait to see the one that Charlene sent out.

Melissa used ecru Cebelia thread to make an edging and she's joined it in a circle. Pretty, but now what are you going to do with it? Attach it to a circle of cloth to make a doily? Attach it to the side of a muffin pin cushion? Use it in a CQ block? Curious minds want to know.

Sherry has been playing around with her grape design and modified it to turn it into a very pretty lilac edging. The grape edging done in white is very dimensional, but the grape leaves tend to disappear into the background.

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Melissa said...

LOL! Use it on a pincushion!!! LOL