Wednesday, December 27, 2006

More Christmas Tatting

Mark had an opportunity to tat over the Christmas holidays and he has created a number of intriguing pieces. These designs are a take off on Bedfordshire bobbin lace. A snowflake, a bell, a round medallion and an adorable candle complete with a little handle.

Maria designed this little motif all on her own just to wish everyone Merry Christmas.

Carol shows us some of her favorite Christmas decorations both inside and outside the house. She had some lovely items sent to her in a Christmas exchange, a lovely bag with tatting and some decorated shuttles, and since Carol loves Halloween another partner sent her an exquisitely done bat necklace. Today she has posted the gifts she sent out to her own partners, Santa and Reindeer napkin rings. How clever is that?

Marilee has created some lovely earrings using block tatting.

Want to see a young Santa in training? Just look in Laura's blog and while you're there check out the purple snowflake.

LaRae has done Eva's Heart, it's a favorite of hers. She shows us the motif in both white and purple.

Martha gave some wonderful tatted bookmarks this year. She did Julie Patterson's Candy Cane ornament and added some decorative picots, and then gave it a tassel. She also did her cross pattern called Diamonds and Pearls and the Flowery SCMR Bookmark by Jane Eborall.

Dawn has been having trouble sleeping so she has been working on a celtic cross pattern from Ruth's book.

Sue has uploaded pictures of the tatting she sent out. Earrings, a picot gauge with a tatted fob, a beaded cross and a decorated shuttle were some of the items included.

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