Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Delightful Designs

Ruth posts a picture of her hand made Christmas decorations and some useful hints on making your own. She has also added a celtic twist to the purple snowflake she shared previously.

Clyde shows us why he hasn't got much tatting done recently. Ali has been "helping" Clyde do his tatting.

Jon has created a motif by joining together several daisies. Now she's wondering if she should go with it or add more to it. Sometimes a design just feels complete and when you add to it, it just messes it up. On the other hand, sometimes thinking outside the box, and going in a totally different direction helps.

A new variegated lilac motif from Barbara. This one is done with an Anchor thread in size 20.

Marilee has added a snowflake with a twisted picot to her blog. For those of you linking to the various blogs, please note that Marilee has changed her blog address.

Laura has tatted the celtic motif that Janet shared with us earlier.

Dawn has completed a butterfly from Martha Ess' site.

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