Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Ornaments, Bookmarks, Pendants, Star, Heart and Earrings

Vera has been tatting ornaments working on Renulek's bell pattern which she likes. She did another based on Robin Perfetti's pattern. In all she did 4 ornaments.

Cindy did some ornament testing and tatted the one on the left in size 20 thread, but she didn't like how it fit on the 80 mm ball which is just a bit larger than 3 inches. She tatted it again in size 30 thread but decided she liked the first one better anyway. Now that that's settled she's off to tat more ornaments, maybe the same thing in size 30 on a 70 mm ball.

Fox has taken a break from interminable motifs to tat a button bookmark.

Marie participated in the Bonner's Ferry Fair Grounds craft show and had some lovely beaded tatting on these ornaments. Tatting around a crystal bead made this gorgeous pendant, one of the items she displayed at the Naples Holiday Festival Craft Show. This is Robins, "Large Beady Snowflake" which turned into a star when she ran out of thread.

Martha tatted Jane Eborall's heart pattern, entitled "My Heart is in Canada" which was taught at Fringe Element's conference in September.

Sue tatted these earrings in size 40 Lizbeth Blue Ice with size 2 iridescent bugle beads, tiny blue beads, and a clear small Ice Drop gem for a friend who fell in love with the Ice Drop done in a larger size. Here you can see them next to the larger Ice Drop ornament both done in the Birthday Ice Drop pattern.

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