Friday, December 08, 2017

Ice Drops, Motifs, Doilies and Snowflakes

Batty Tatter managed to have all but one of these finished before her retina surgery and was able to finish the last purple one after the operation.

Diane pulled out all of the Ice Drops she couldn't bear to part with and set the others aside for Christmas in the Village and then she tatted a couple more. Another Minty Fudge Ice Drop done.

Fox has 2 more motifs done for the centre and she's still enjoying it. The centre's finished and thanks to Frivole, she has an inset showing how the completed piece will look.

Marie tatted Robin's Small Crystal Snowflake. Then there's Rose Snowflake. The last of Robin's snowflake patterns she tatted is, "Layered Rings Snowflake."

Muskaan decided on a vibrant green colour for the next round of her doily but she just couldn't get enthusiastic about it. After a couple of points she tried with a pastel blue of equal colour intensity and the central section and now the love is back.

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