Thursday, June 07, 2012

Motifs, Hearts, Doilies, Baby Bonnet, Edgings, Dragonflies and Turtle

If you are a Canadian tatter, under 30, could you please email me at sharon at rsbriggs dot com? A Canadian journalist is working on an article on tatting for a Canadian magazine and they really want to get the perspective from a younger tatter's viewpoint.

Margaret did some holiday tatting in Crete using size 20 Lizbeth thread in white. The first one is one of her favourites from the Anna magazines dated December 1991. The next one is the middle of the Tatted 10 point Snowflake  from The third one is the Five-inch Snowflake from a book called Easy Tatting.

Marie used a piece of petrified palm wood for the centre of the Tall Agate design she created. Her latest pendent is made with one strand of gold and one strand of copper ("Rose Gold") sewing thread and a piece of Willow Jasper. She found a mirror which makes a lovely backdrop to display all of her pieces when she's at a show.

Lyn took her tatting to show her 5and half year old granddaughter, and the little sweetie claimed nearly all of it. Smart girl. Hearts Desire by Susan Fuller done in Coats 40 Colour 9427. Lattice Heart by Birgit Phelps tatted in DMC Perle 8, Colour 99. Kira's Star by Birgit Phelps was made in Coats 40 Colour 9427. Medallion 1157 from Old & New Designs in tatting done in Twilleys 20 brings her to 17 of 25 in her challenge.


Garyo liked the hexagon motif she saw on Linda's blog and found a similar one in Mini Tats to try using Lizbeth size 40. She thinks she'll do 2 more and make something triangular out of them. The doily tatted in Lisbeth #40 Spring Garden is finished but it needs blocking. She did the same motif in Olympus size 40 thread with the shuttle on the left, and with a size 5 needle on the right. The shuttle tatting looks tighter and firmer, while the needle tatted one looks puffier and of course, larger.

Kristen had a lot of time for tatting since the school year is winding down and in one week she did 10 motifs, mostly out of Gun Blomqvist and Elwy Persson's Tatting: Patterns and Designs. Many of the designs are shown displayed as a mobile. Her favourite one is the square motif. Finally she shows us a mystery project she is working on.


Linda's blog is overflowing with cuteness. She created an adorable teddy bear vest from Karey Solomon's Ring Around the Rosy, a Pattern full of Posies publication from 1999, using 5 repeats, 1/2 of pattern for under arms and sewen together. The front and back on the shoulders I used 3 split rings with picots Tatted with Lizbeth size 20 in 115 Springtime and the chains are 623 Raspberry Pink Lt. The Bonnet is an easy NIN (newborns in need) by Merry Higby in 2001 tatted in DMC 746 yellow.


Fox has something new in rainbow colours coming on. She also had an opportunity to speak to the Canadian journalist about tatting and has posted the same request on her blog as well as collected up a sampling of tatted goodies to send her so that she can see tatting first hand, up close, and personal. Then there is the mignonette motif she did just to escape finishing the hanky edging which only has 20 repeats to go.


Frivole liked a doily edging she did for her MIL in Lizbeth Spring Green and Tropical Punch so she used the same colours for another edging.

StephanieGrace was asked for a dragonfly, so she used Jane Eborall's pattern to make this little sweetie. Then they kept on flying away so she had to make more. Then what good is a flight of dragonfly's without Mark's turtle to keep them company.

Sue used size 40 Lizbeth Scottish Thistle to tat and edging for this pair of socks. They look ruffled, but that's OK, socks stretch to go over little feet, but tatting doesn't. They will look perfect on. Is there something wrong with me that I'm scouting out patterns to add edgings to MY socks?

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God's Kid said...

I don't think there is anything wrong with you wanting to add tatting to your socks, cuz' believe it or not, I was thinking the same thing when these were finished. :)