Monday, June 11, 2012

Bookmarks, Heart, Necklaces, Motifs, Doilies, Edgings, Bracelet, Earrings and Snowflakes

Margaret tatted several bookmarks from the Free Tatting Patterns web site. The first one was done with Lizbeth Rainbow Taffy and white size 20. The heart is Happy Heart by Joelle Paulson also done in Rainbow Taffy. Kersti's Floral Tatted Bookmark was done in Lizbeth Falling Leaves. These crosses were done in Lizbeth Purple Splendor and white both in size 20 thread. The next Floral Tatted Bookmark was tatted in Lizbeth Purple Splendor and the other Lizbeth Falling Leaves and white.

Marie tatted a necklace from Nina Libin's, "One Shuttle, Lots of Beads" in Lizbeth Autumn Spice size 20.

Laurette tatted this trio called Lace Elegance from Tatting Doilies & Edgings edited by Rita Weiss in size 20 Lizbeth Sea Scape #125.

Linda tatted Marilee Rockley's new tatting pattern, One Small Candle and used Lizbeth 657 Ocean Turquoise Dk, for the candle base, 623 Raspberry Pink Lt for the candle and the flame was done in 614 Lemon Lt. She was looking for a pattern to fit a 2012 penny for a wedding gift and Nancy Tracy's Tatted Medallion was a perfect fit. A ribbon is woven around and tied with a bow at the bottom. Another one of Nancy's patterns, Fields of Clover Doily, was completed in only 2 hours and will go to the Art League for a raffle during the fair.

Ancolie found this motif quick to work up and it's number 9 for her challenge.
Anne created a transit of Venus based on a pattern by Ellen Lai.

Diane tatted the familiar Stump in Sulky Blendables Country Colonial colour and that gives her another set to send off to Chris. She finished another Spinning Wheel glass mat this one is in HDT from Anika.

Fox is almost done the edging and that has her planning out some new patterns. Finally though, Jon’s Crown of Thorns tatted in Lizbeth size 80 is done. The motif she was working on as a break from it is Proud Beauty from The Tatter’s Treasure Chest. Just to keep herself obsessively ammused, she spent several hours working on perfecting things like picot conformity, stitch formation and single shuttle split rings.

Frances found the Empress edging Frivole had been using in The Tatters Treasure Chest and she got out her Ocean Sunset and green and tatted it as a medallion. One row looked good so she added another. It reminds her of stained glass and she's thinking of adding yet another row to it.

Frivole modified the Quatrain pattern to make a bookmark, but she didn't like the cutting tying and hiding ends. So she gave it a re-think and came up with this one. Then she tried some other options but they didn't look like the original which she really likes. Here's another variation with flowers down the centre and she has some more ideas to try.


Jess has Iris Neibach's Tatting Together square motifs and selected Lis Christiansen's pattern but the rings are very large and the chains are very long so she decided to scale the entire pattern down by only doing half the prescribed stitches. Here it is with her own Mindanao Gum size 80 with Lizbeth Fudge Dk size 80.  
Michelle tatted Lynn Morton's bracelet again and she likes it better this time because she reduced the ds on the chains and it looks more balanced to her although she wishes she had used something other than a magnetic clasp. The earring is being modeled by her daughter and the pattern takes after something she saw somewhere on the internet.

StephanieGrace wanted to tat some sunshine for Jane and this was the results. Although the heat has her thinking more along the lines of snow, like Elegant Snowflake from Tatted Snowflakes by Vida Sunderman done in LizBeth size 20 in white. This Ribbon-Floss Snowflake from the same book is tatted with blue perle cotton.

Sue has plans to tat a lot of bracelets for the women's ministry weekend so she's doing a simple design in a rainbow of colours and adding a heart to each one.

Vanessa tatted one of Mary Konior's designs in a sunny yellow to grace a lovely hanky.

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