Monday, October 25, 2010

Motifs, Butterflies, Leaves, Bracelet and Earrings

Bree has been sharing some detailed information on beads and has posted a bead give away. So if you haven't tried beads a tatting yet, check out her blog.

Tattips created a bracelet and matching earrings in size 20 dark raspberry pink and light green thread with accenting green beads.

IsDihara has an interesting contest going on. Decorate a chocolate box with tatting to win a prize of 25 balls of Lizbeth.

BSOTF has 2 Christmas stockings decorated with tatting and she can't decide which to use.

Fox needed a little help to tat this leaf. The pattern and the thread are from Karey Solomon and it wasn't until she started it that she realized it uses roll tatting on the tips of the leaf. Now that it's done she's on to another dragon.

Martha has been using this round of motifs for the challenge to tat other people's patterns. She loves this Lizbeth colour called Ocean Turquoise Dark, but she calls it peacock blue and the first things she made with it was Pamela's Luna moth then she paired it with bright yellow for Sharren Morgan's Flag Tail Dragonfly from this year's Palmetto Pattern CD and she had enough thread left on the shuttles to make a little parasol by Karey from an issue of Tatting Times.

Sue modified Jon Yusoff's Melati pattern and put a cross in the centre instead of a 6 ring motif. Now she just needs to figure out a way to hang it.

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