Saturday, October 30, 2010

Leaves, Dragons, Snowflakes, Earrings, Flowers, Bracelet and Bookmarks

Bree has been busy tatting, but she didn't want to post until everyone has had a chance to join her giveaway. She designed these with decorating a barrette in mind and they are done in Lizbeth threads size 20. The bookmarks are a take off on a design she saw on Fox's blog and the blue one is Lizbeth light blue, size 20, then hand dyed with a lavender purple on the edges of the hearts and the very centers where the joining picots are. The next one is a similar concept except that it starts with rings instead of dimpled rings. The next one is a variation of a design she has seen several places and she added a macrame tail and beads for variety. Her last item is obviously, roll tatting. for a technique that isn't all that popular, it's really making the rounds lately.

Hattalahutta tatted Windmills from Mary Konior's Tatting with Visual Patterns, in Flora size 20, color #56. Then she tatted a bracelet on the bus, and not having a proper closure, she tatted a large ring on one side and an onion ring on the other, which works perfectly. She thinks the thread is Gjestal Maxi. Then she has a teeny tiny snowflake with lots of beads that she doesn't know what the thread name is, but she thinks it's size 40.

Ingrid has the first 2 rounds of Jon's Quantiesque snowflake done and she might do it again and finish it or do a few more with just 2 rounds. She did finish it after all in Manuela from Schoeller+Stahl in Germany, size unknown, 90% cotton with metalized fibre and nylon. Then there are the trial and error pieces that had extra beads she couldn't seem to get rid of. Sounds like Ingrid needs a pair of pink pliers covered with bling so the boys in the garage don't take them.

Kat is finally moved and her easy to tat without having to concentrate pattern was Agasunset's lace panties which she did as a gift.

Lily has been doing painted tatting where several colours are used as you tat and they blend into one another. She used Linda's tulip pattern to try the technique out and it resulted in an awesome flower. Her next version of the tulip used Tridalia Super (from Coats) size 8, the color is a bright yellow and she use raspberry colored stamens to give it some perspective and maximum contrast. She used Camila (by Coats), size 20 in Orange and Daffodil color and 2 beads: 1 med-large green bead (like a seed pod), and 1 small-medium crystal on top to make Linda's Chrysanthemum.

Corina has her collection of bats displayed on a black tatted doily.
Isabel is testing out numerous threads on a Nina Libin design to see which one gives her the wireless result she is looking for. She tried Anchor Blue size 12, the green sample is 4 strands of sewing thread and the one that worked is Nylon Omega nÂș2 in red Omega.

Ancolie tatted another design from Teiko Fujiko and she finds that she learns a lot from her tatting books and even the smaller designs are full of ideas.

Diane is trying to get on a roll tatting snowflakes, but it's just not happening. She did this one in Heather's Summer Brights, size 40 and it was much smaller than the DMC size 12 perle cotton.

Fox has another dragon completed in fancy silver thread, sent to her by Suneeti and Milford lilac 40 from TypsTatting and here's the entire collection. Now that the dragons are done she needed a way to hang them and her ingenious solution was to tat around a ring and add a chain. Great idea until she discovered one of the rings was broken. After that she wanted something simple, so her is J. Paulsons tatted leaf with some little josephines that nearly drove her crazy so she did it again and the second one is better. Then she used a variegated thread by Karey Solomon and forest green Milford thread that was given to her by TypsTatting as she played around with trefoils.

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Teresa said...

WOW- what an incredible collection today!!! So many beautiful things that I want to try.