Sunday, May 02, 2010

Poppy, Doily, Turtles, Tulips and broken beads

Corina thought that the pattern from "Frivolite Vroeger En Nu" by Sytske Stratenusher reminded her of a poppy and since she still had red and black wound on her shuttles from the earrings and she made, she went ahead and tatted it. All of the beads were added as bead joins.
Sue finished the Tat Three Mat by Rosemarie Peel and she discovered, as we all do, that the first rounds of a doily are deceptively easy. Then you get to the outer rounds where it takes much more work and more concentration, but if you stick with it, it's worthwhile in the end.
Pam was playing with some Krenik braid today and tatted a pair of turtles for ear dangles.
Steph reveals her mystery tatting. It's a tulip designed by Adelheid Dangela from her book Mustersammlung I. It was tatted using DMC threads in pale peach, melon, and light green.
Fox tatted Mary Konior's Sweethearts and as if dimpled rings weren't enough of a challenge, she had to throw beads into the mix. After some re-tatting the piece was finally done but one of the beads succumbed to being sat on by a heavy pitcher. It's still a lovely piece done in a gorgeous colour. It could be stitched down on a pocket edge or shirt front and the missing bead replaced by one sewn on and no one would be any the wiser.

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