Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lingerie Lace, Bookmark and Motifs

Agasunset is pleased to share her instructions on how to make your own lace panties and thrilled with the response they received.
NancyD made the Tatted Rose Cross from 'The Workbasket' March 1989 in Lizbeth size 20 and only noticed when she was on the second arm of the cross that she had one too many petals on the rose and had to start again.
Fox tatted a lovely pattern by Iris and while the pattern is beautiful, the thread combinations are less so. Fox was trying the pink and a variegated together as potential candidates for the outer rows of of the pink and white lace she is working on, but they aren't what she hoped they'd be. Maybe pink and green instead?
Heather has been working on the same design trying to perfect it, but somehow it just isn't cooperating.
Marty received some lovely threads and tatting in the December thread exchange but she hasn't used them because if she does use them they'll be GONE. I know exactly how she feels.

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