Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Earrings, Hearts and Siamese Elephants

Agasunset's silver Peacock Eye earrings are made from an element of a doily. Liyarra discovered yet another source of HDT and while the colour is lovely the thread isn't as crisp, but it looks like there are some negotiations in the works to do the colours in a good 6 cord thread. Brigitte tatted the Scalloped Heart from Tat's Amore by Martha Ess with vintage Size 30 Star 6-cord thread and put it into a glass heart with some Ferrero Rocher chocolates for a Valentine's Day exchange at her Lace Guild Meeting.
Bonnie was challenged to tat a pair of Siamese elephants. She started with Jane Eborall's design and tweaked it so that the 2 elephants could be joined together at the trunk. To add to the challenge she wanted to tat everything front side so it meant reversing everything for the second elephant, but in the end she triumphed.
Diane began Beatrice by Iris Niebach in size 20 Raspberry Sorbet from Tatskool and then ran out of the lovely HDT and had to wait for more to arrive. After several ups and downs the doily is finally completed and ready to be sent to Diane's friend.

Fox has soldiered on with her bonnet and reached the round where she can switch to something more colourful and she's hoping that it will all work out because the pattern seems to be not quite right. Her TAT program is on track and she has taken a page from Vinnie's book and tatted a motif to hang in her car.
Kelly has had a stellar week. She received Sherry's latest book and with it came some HDT. In addition she was able to tat a doily called "Loop-di-Loop" by Hartmut Hass in DMC size 30.
Marty got 2 designs instead of one out of this pattern. She had intended on doing the same design as a mirror image but it was too big, so she is using the 2 sections as the tops and doing 2 different bottoms. Sherry shows us another of her Hope butterflies along with some new hook pens in size 13 with some size 14 to come.

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