Thursday, February 25, 2010

500th post

I don't usually pay attention to these things, but I noticed as I started today's update, that it's the 500th post. I guess that means that there has been a lot of tatting going on. Which is a really good thing!

Tattips started with Vida Sunderman's Little Ring Snowflake and modified it doubling the stitch count because she was using a finer thread. It was worked in Lizbeth size 20, Butterfly Breeze and came out beautiful. Agasunset has remade the Victorian Collar Necklace based on her sister's wedding necklace.
Alan has learned how to make earring findings, jump rings and clasps and used his new skills to turn a 7mm cultured pearl into a dangle on this motif from Patti Duff's "Mini Tats" for these earrings. Bev has a new Pop a Bobbin shuttle and used it to start this bookmark in size 10 Celery HDT.

Heather was tired but still tatting which isn't always a good combination and she ended up with a broken thread. Why is it that this always seems to happen when you're near the end of a piece? Here are some pieces that didn't suffer the same fate. M has tatted 'Heart's Desire' by Susan K Fuller in Lizbeth 20, col 601, white and col 613, golden yellow medium. but now that it's done she's not sure she likes the colours together.


Kathy Niklewicz said...

Hi Sharon!

Let me be among the first to congratulate YOU on this AMAZING milestone!!! We just can't thank you enough for the amount of work you do to constantly update this
25-Motif Challenge blog, which was such a great idea, going back to 2006!!

I, myself, had almost hung up my tatting shuttles, (except for demonstrating), and was not creating anything new. But the opportunity to share one's work 'instantly' and have feedback is awesome. The 25-Motif Challenge is definitely the place to go to "see and be seen"!!

The 25-Motif has given me the incentive to learn new things, and the opportunity to share my past work. It's a JOY to share this unique hobby with other equally passionate tatters around the WORLD, and to see the AWESOME tatting, designing, thread dyeing, shuttle-making, etc., that's 'exploding' out there!
(Not to mention incredible blogs!
I still can't believe how all this has evolved in just a few years.)

Tatting is again a HUGE part of my life, and I'm more enthusiastic than ever. Plus it's given me an opportunity to learn more and more about computers (long way to go, there!)

Please know how much we APPRECIATE your untiring devotion to this site and to tatting!

Dale Marie said...

Congratulations!! How do I join the 25 motif challenge? Am I too late?