Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ice Cream Cones, Cro-tatting and T.I.A.S.

Motif #20 for Tara. You are almost there. This ice cream cone makes me really hungry. Shame on you!
Jeanne is working on her first TIAS and has posted a picture of the first round. Also, she is going to be demonstrating tatting in October and is trying to get ready. Good luck!
Maria shows us her second motif and it is crotatting. Very pretty Maria.

Gina has tips on what to do and not do with a TIAS and a picture of the finished hanky. It is lovely Gina.

Laura shows us rounds 1 and 2 from the TIAS, a thread winder and a surprise from Diane.

Marilee's book is ready and can be purchased from her blog or from Etsy. Congratulations Marilee!

Marty's page shows us Sharon's design challenge #2. Nice job.

Pamela is tatting Mark Myer's fish in her Coral Reef and Blue Lagoon threads and then with beads. So pretty!

Sherry is busy with her TIAS and dyeing more and more beautiful thread.

Snowy has finished a lovely bobbin lace heart.

Zarina has some new books and has dyed some lovely thread.

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