Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Hens and chicks, Hearts and Ice cream

Three cheers for out volunteers! Aren't they great? Thanks to our wonderful volunteers Aileen, Clyde, Jeff and Laura there have been regular updates done, and I'm not going crazy trying to keep up with it all. I really, really, really appreciate it and I'm sure all our participants do too.

Kathy N. has begun the story of her tatting adventures and her first motif for the challenge, with a simple hens and chicks edging. Kathy has shown different ways she has used this versatile edging to make pin or pendant, to top a tiny basket, covering an egg, making a sun catcher, decorating a doll's dress, and making a 3D bell. Jeanne hasn't done any tatting recently although she did buy a lovely new shuttle from Grizzly Mountain Arts.
Tara has been tatting Eliza's ice cream cone and playing around with bead placement. Motif 19 is a strawberry ice cream cone.

Ellen interlinked Teri Dusenbury's Heart Frame tatted with Manuela 20 threads as a gift for her colleague, Cassandra, for her ROM day on 9 Sep 08.
Barbara used one of her new shuttles from Randy Houtz for this easy Christmas tree and it was the first time she used a lock join stitch.
Eliz is working o a bookmark pattern for the online class and she'll post pictures later.
Carol had to tat Anne's dragon in lavender and now he sits proudly on her shirt.
Clyde received the I love your blog award.
Marilee received the I love your blog award.
Pamela received the I love your blog award.
Sherry has some more "Tropicana" ready.TIAS 4 is ready.

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