Saturday, July 26, 2008

Heart, Dragon, Motifs and Rosary

Iris shows us several variations of the second hexagon she used for the Japanese class. This one uses SCMR and Maltese ring but the effect isn't as nice as the first one. Maybe another round would help? The next hexagon is actually several triangles joined together. I thing they all look good. I love the designs Iris comes up with. We are blessed with some amazing designers.
Bev has tatted 2 are Thistles and a a Dandelion inspired by Lindsay Rogers' Tatting Collage. All three were done with DMC size 80 thread and it's first time Bev has done any shredding with a pin to make fluffy tops. She has plans to give the design challenge a try. I'd like to see what Bev comes up with.
Margaret's computer quit on her so we may not see anything for a while.

Aileen's sweetie sent her a package full of tatting threads. He's definitely a keeper.

Bonnie is working on one of those patterns that makes assumptions about what you know. It sounds like it uses a shuttle join, but it doesn't say so.

Ais tatted SweetHeart by Birgit Phelps in size 20 silk thread and added a split ring tail to make it into a bookmark.

Nita was given an edging pattern that she thinks came from a Workbasket. She tatted it in a variegated yellow size 80 DMC thread and it makes an interesting decoration for a clock.
Tara chose a lovely orange variegated thread to make Motif 10 of the 25 Motif Challenge, Martha Ess' Scallop Heart from Tat's Amore. Just working on it made her hungry for orange sherbet.
Jeanne has previously completed some pieces that are on her old blog, and she will be bringing them into her new blog. Jeanne has joined the challenge with a chaplet tatted in size 8 perle cotton followed by a rosary for which she has included the pattern. Her next piece is Marth Ess' dragon 'Paprika" done in Aida size 10 color 47, followed by a motif from Transitions in Tatting that she added another row onto, made in a lovely shade of variegated antique thread Daisy size 20 by Lily Mills.
Mary has been tatting butterflies and creating wonderful greeting cards.
Carol has done a little tatted gingerbread house just big enough to go in a card.
Clyde has given his thoughts on test tatting.
Marilee has another polymer clay heart that's looking for some tatting.
Laura tatted Nancy's beaded earrings in every colour of the rainbow and then started on one of Iris' doilies.
Sherry has a lovely batch of "Fuchsia" HDT ready in both cotton and silk in an assortment of sizes.
Gina has added a tatted stem to a pattern for a primrose.


Anonymous said...

i love the orange piece!


Jessica said...

I love iris's hexagons. What is a Maltese ring and where can I find out how to do it?